The Gift of the Spirit

Reflections on the theological culture of the Uniting Church

  • Rev Dr Seforosa Carroll

    Multicultural, Cross-Cultural, Intercultural: Theological descriptors or models of church?

    Introduction Since 1985, the Uniting Church in Australia (UCA) has used three key terms for its self-understanding and identification as a culturally and linguistically diverse church. These are multicultural, cross-cultural, and intercultural. But these terms tend to be more descriptive rather than they are theological. An added confusion lies in whether these terms are applied…

  • Rev Dr Paul Goh

    CALDing the Theological Culture in the Uniting Church in Australia

    A theological culture of belonging in the Uniting Church in Australia can and should be cultivated considering our prescribed identity as a multicultural church. In 1985, the fourth Assembly declared we are a multicultural Church acknowledging “the fact that the Uniting Church unites not only three former denominations, but also Christians of many cultures and…

  • Rev Dr Catherine Lambert

    Theological Culture: Seeking an Intersection between the Four Voices of Theology

    This reflection has emerged from a recent conversation with a family member, a long-term Uniting Church member. The context was a collaborative discussion to choose the music for a worship service. It became a dialogue about theology and the importance of the words we sing. As we struggled with choosing appropriate songs that complemented the…